How to Peer on HOUIX

Peering on HOUIX is simple! These steps coupled with tools such as IRR and PeeringDB will prepare your network for peering on HOUIX.

  • 1. Complete HOUIX Peering Request.

    If you know that you want to join HOUIX then completing our peering request is the best place to start. Don't worry too much if you're unable to answer every question. It's just important that we know that you want to peer!

    HOUIX Peering Request

    Once everything looks good we will issue an LOA permitting your network to connect to HOUIX. This LOA will be needed by you or your transport provider when requesting the cross connect from the chosen location.

  • 2. Get your PeeringDB in order

    It's important to keep an up to date PeeringDB page for your network. This enables other network operators to reference information needed when peering with you. Some networks deploy automation that relies on data from PeeringDB to be correct.


  • 3. Setup an AS-SET object at an IRR

    An AS-SET enables your peers to filter your BGP sessions automatically. The ARIN Internet Routing Registry is free and a good place to start for those new to IRR. Be sure to include your IRR AS-SET in your PeeringDB.

    An AS-SET is required to keep HOUIX route servers secure.

    ARIN IRR Quickstart Guide

  • 4. Choose your interconnect location and port speed

    Decide where you're going to connect to HOUIX. This is where the cross connect will be made between HOUIX and your network / transport provider. For now, HOUIX is only available in 1301 Fannin, Houston TX.

    What are your port requirements? We recommend that networks connect with a minimum of 10Gbps if possible. HOUIX offers 10Gbps ports for free.

  • 5. How will you transport to HOUIX?

    If you have a POP in 1301 Fannin then you don't need transport. Simply connect to us in the building Meet-Me Room.

    However some networks will need to find a transport provider to carry their traffic the "last mile" to HOUIX. There are plenty of transport providers available that can link your network to HOUIX.

    View Transport Providers

  • 6. Complete cross connect and peer on HOUIX

    Provide your LOA and demarc details to your transport provider or peering location to complete the cross connect.

    Once you're physically connected you're ready to turn up BGP sessions with the HOUIX route servers or other peers over the public HOUIX peering fabric.

HOUIX Supporters.

Special thanks our supporters who through their continued generosity have made HOUIX possible.

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