HOUIX Participants

Netrality 1301 Fannin
Network ASN HOUIX IPv4 HOUIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
Hurricane Electric 6939 2001:504:9E::5 100Gbps /net/291 AS-HURRICANE, AS-HURRICANEV6 Open
SETG 4557 2001:504:9E::6 100Gbps /net/8286 AS-SETG Open
PS Lightwave 394437 2001:504:9E::8 10Gbps /net/10636 AS-PSLIGHTWAVE Open
Whitesky Communications 62887 2001:504:9E::9 10Gbps /net/7604 AS-WHITESKY Open
ICTX WaveMedia 35847 2001:504:9E::11 10Gbps /net/15745 AS-ICTX Open
Meriplex Communications 11766 2001:504:9E::12 10Gbps /net/12413
Pulk & Co. 22006 2001:504:9E::13 10Gbps /net/22731 AS22006 Open
Transtelco 32098 2001:504:9E::22 10Gbps /net/2555 AS-32098 Open
Unitas Global 1828 2001:504:9E::23 10Gbps /net/4278 AS-UNITAS Selective
MIDnet 16970 2001:504:9E::28 10Gbps /net/24825 AS16970:AS-MIDNET-ALL Open
HOUIX Route Server #1 35920 2001:504:9E::254 10Gbps /net/22180 Open
KCIX Extension
Network ASN HOUIX IPv4 HOUIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
Wholesale Internet 32097 2001:504:9E::1 10Gbps /net/3266 AS-WHOLESALE-INTERNET Open
KCFiber/liNKCity 11708 2001:504:9E::2 10Gbps /net/9261 AS-KCFIBER Selective
Unreal Servers 64236 2001:504:9E::3 10Gbps N/A AS-ACCUS-15 PENDING
BankonIT 46416 2001:504:9E::10 10Gbps /net/8399 AS-BANKONIT Open
Joe's Datacenter, LLC 19969 2001:504:9E::14 10Gbps /net/3268 AS-JDC Open
Netnod Internet Exchange 8674 2001:504:9E::15 1Gbps /net/2971 AS-NETNOD Open
INCX Global, LLC 13737 2001:504:9E::16 10Gbps /net/7732 AS-IGL-112 Open
Power to Grow Services LLC 397898 2001:504:9E::17 10Gbps /net/25075 AS397898 Open
VOIPster 32030 2001:504:9E::18 10Gbps /net/16794 AS-VOIPSTER Open
Misaka Network Inc 57695 2001:504:9E::19 40Gbps /net/13789 AS-MISAKA Open
Serverfield Co., Ltd 134094 2001:504:9E::20 10Gbps /net/17840 AS-SET-SERVERFIELD Open
Eggplant Networks LTD 39335 2001:504:9E::21 10Gbps /net/17354 AS-EGGPLANT Open
All Neins LLC 399924 2001:504:9E::24 10Gbps N/A AS-ALLNEINS Open
August 50058 2001:504:9E::25 40Gbps /net/28079 AS-AUGUST Open
1530 Swift 14004 2001:504:9E::26 10Gbps /net/29212 AS14004 Open
Andrewnet 1003 2001:504:9E::27 1Gbps N/A AS-ANDREWNET Open
CybrSecurity Corporation 393968 2001:504:9E::29 100Gbps /net/31625 AS393968:AS-PEERS Open
Pluxcon Network USA LLC 209165 2001:504:9E::30 1Gbps /net/31491 AS-PLXN Open
Tritan Development 393577 2001:504:9E::31 1Gbps /net/31429 AS-TRITAN-ASNS Open
Sloth Networks 212276 2001:504:9E::32 10Gbps N/A AS-SLOTHNET Open
Path Global UK Limited 61977 2001:504:9E::33 10Gbps N/A AS-PATHGLOBAL Open
Accuris Technologies Ltd. 52210 2001:504:9E::34 10Gbps N/A AS-ACCURIS Open
STLIX Extension
Network ASN HOUIX IPv4 HOUIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
Elite Fiber 40181 2001:504:9E::4 10Gbps N/A AS-ELITESYSTEMS PENDING

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HOUIX supporters

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